The project

Ocean-View-VR wants to offer, to the dozens millions users of virtual reality headset from today and the X millions from tomorrow, an unprecedented and outstanding access to the underwater world, a real immersion into the marine depths, as magic and mysterious than now fragile and endangered.

The immersion sensitised the user to the underwater world fragility, and to the damages it sustains.

To achieve this, we realise a state of play of certain sites shot by the Calypso’s crew in the 70s.

We also go back to former polluted sites, du to ecologic disaster.

The team

Ocean-View-VR relies on three marine biologists, coming from different horizons and countries, to support its scientific contents.

How does it works ?

20 episodes of 13 minutes each make up season 1
(Season 1 is composed of 20 episodes of 13 minutes each)
Pictures will be proposed on headsets Gear Samsung, Daydream, as well as RIFT and VIVE.

360º Pictures

Underwater videos shot in stereoscopic 360º


Diving support vessel and embarked postproduction studio.

Immersive interface

Mini submarine created by CGI interactive interface

Scientific information

Scientific content elaborated by an international group of marine biologists


Professionals coming from the offshore industry, for an access to the underwater world with the most advanced technologies to shot in 360º


Production of a 20 episodes of 13 minutes each for season 1

Contact us

A question ? Fell free to contact us to know more…

Degrees videos
Minutes of immersion